Online events

Facilitation & design

The most valuable gatherings are those where participants get to inspire and learn from each other. Where they feel invited, connected and engaged to discover new perspectives and possibilities together. That’s why I design and facilitate online events that revolve around the collective intelligence of participants.

Are you looking for ways to turn your online gathering into a fruitful conversation for impact? I’d be delighted to help and make it an engaging, interactive and enjoyable experience.

We’ll discuss the purpose of your remote meeting and what you wish participants to work on. I’ll make sure the design and facilitation create fertile ground for joint exploration and co-creation. Together with my technical team (co-host and support) I’ll take care of the technical process so that participants can focus entirely on the conversation. I work in the English and Dutch languages.

I’ve designed and facilitated online workshops a.o. for the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies , the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs , HIVOS and NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies .

Virtual Deep Dive

For remote groups that need to work together in-depth, I’ve designed a Virtual Deep Dive. This two half-day online workshop enables participants to thoroughly examine the question at hand.

Step by step participants dig deeper and deeper to uncover underlying connections and themes, and branch out in unexpected ways. This design works well for collaborative projects like joint publications, scientific research, or remote teams working on complex challenges that ask for thorough scrutiny.

Interested? Contact me to discuss how I can help your team take a deep dive in the online space.


Joeyta Bose

European Head of Programme Funding & Partnership
Women for Women International

A heartfelt thanks for the online closing summit - while we couldn't meet in person, this really was the next best thing and a masterful use of technology to bring all of us, our ideas and voices together. It's always so refreshing to have a chance to meet, share and learn from other organisations - and today was no exception.

Roel Frakking

Postdoctoral researcher Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies

Peter Keppy

Senior researcher NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Abdul Wahid

Lecturer Gadjah Mada University

We reached out to Ay Mey to facilitate our online academic conference that brought together a small group of scholars with the aim of producing an edited volume. In close collaboration with Ay Mey we went through the process of designing the workshop that lasted 2 half-days. Thanks to her innovative format we explored contributions in depth, uncovering new connections between the papers and taking to the surface what participants had in common across disciplines. Ay Mey’s design ensured that all participants felt safe, engaged freely and equally in discussions and were able to focus. It resulted in a fruitful online gathering that was highly engaging and enjoyable from start to finish. This successful format would be difficult, maybe impossible, to duplicate in a physical conference setting!

Nicola Ndovi

Regional programme development manager women’s empowerment
HIVOS / Humanist Institute for Co-operation with Developing Countries

I cannot believe this online meeting has lasted 3 hours, time has flown by and it’s been a very enjoyable experience. So bravo, it was very well structured and organized.

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