The power of language and imagination has fascinated me since I could read and hold a pen. When I realized that stories can change people, I was sold. At the age of seven I started writing, enthralled by the magic of words on paper. Nowadays I also bring the art of storytelling to online connection, collaboration and engagement.

How do we include multiple perspectives and make sure everyone gets heard? What’s the best way to unpack a question and harvest rich answers? How can we use our imagination to create space for the unfamiliar and a sense of the possible?

It makes me tick to lay the groundwork for people to thrive, learn and discover new territory together. I believe that change requires engagement and courage (and some more). And these require trust and empathy. These flourish on deep listening and giving a voice to what’s often unheard or overlooked.

Thanks to my ongoing fascination with social change, I got to explore and hone my skills in various capacities and places around the globe. From art projects in Amsterdam's public space to academic research. From virtual collaboration and online business to foreign policy in Indonesia. Throughout this multifaceted journey, creating compelling narrative and social engagement have been the through-line. Change as continuity has become a way of life; creating new perspectives a core value.

Based in Amsterdam, I work in the English and Dutch languages for clients in and outside the Netherlands. Would you like to know how I can help you? Contact me and we’ll discuss what I can do for you!